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2 Pups up for adoption in Cochin (Kerela) [adopted]

We are Happy to Announce both puppies have been adopted thanks for all your response and support :) yay!!

I found a stray dog’s newly born puppy who was trapped in a hole right after his birth..
I found no-one there ,so i take him with me to my room…
I am taking care of him well from last two weeks..
but the problem is that i live in hostel and 2 day’s earlier hostel authorities told that pet’s are not allowed..
so i m unable to keep it with me.

i am looking for some adopters for him???
if so i will be grateful to you, because after saving his life,i don’t want to put him back in that stray life…

Please contact : Rohit Kumar Singh.
Cochin University of science and technology(Cusat),


2cutepupiesinkerala1 2cutepupiesinkerala2 2cutepupiesinkerala3 2cutepupiesinkerala4 2cutepupiesinkerala5


Brwonie and Lola up for adoption (Delhi) [adopted]

We are Happy to Announce all puppies have been adopted thanks for all your response and support :) yay!!

Brwonie and Lola are rescued from the cold and dangerous streets of Delhi. They are patiently waiting for adoption. The siblings have a really cute character and a lot of love to give.
Anyone interested in giving them a loving home,



Brwonie-and-Lola3 Brwonie-and-Lola1 Brwonie-and-Lola2

Caleb Up for Adoption (Bangalore) [adopted]

We are Happy to Announce Caleb has been adopted thanks for all your response and support :) yay!!

Please find attached a picture of Caleb, my 8 month Labrador pup. It is really unfortunate but we have decided to place Caleb in a home more suitable for him. The lack of space in our flat is the reason why. It is rather upsetting to both of us but understand it is better we do this now.
However, it is important to us that we place Caleb with a forever family who knows and loves dogs, has a house/villa with a yard to play around in and preferably has other pets, so he is not alone.  We would not like to place him with a first time dog owner/or somebody living in a flat.

Pluto and Sandy up for Adotion (Mumbai) [adopted]

We are Happy to Announce both puppies have been adopted thanks for all your response and support :) yay!!

They are 3 months old now, Pluto is a male puppy and Sandy is a female puppy. They both are de-wormed and vaccinated.
I am currently fostering them.But, I have to go out of town for some business meetings by the end of this month. I was hoping to get them adopted before that. Location is Mumbai.


Pluto Sandy

Six beautiful pups up for Adoption (Mumbai) [adopted]

We are Happy to Announce all six puppies have been adopted thanks for all your response and support :) yay!!

Six beautiful pups. They all look completely different to each other but were born in the same litter. They haven been vaccinated and are very well looked after. I need to find loving homes for them. We are located in Mumbai.

Sixbeautiful0 Sixbeautiful1 Sixbeautiful2 Sixbeautiful3 Sixbeautiful4

Super Cute Puppy Up For Adoption (Pune) [adopted]

We are Happy to Announce Our Super Cute puppy has been adopted thanks for all your response and support :) yay!!

His mother was caught by Municipal van and  5 siblings died in hunger.He is the only survivor. He plays  and is even well behaved : )
We will not be able to keep him for long. Please find a suitable home for him.



Sasha Up for Adoption (pune) [adopted]

We are Happy to Announce Sasha has been adopted thanks for all your response and support :) yay!!

Looking for a permanent home for Sasha. she is a cute lab , 3 years old , energetic and very loving . She is vaccinated and de-wormed.
She has a lovely jet black colour and is a  good breed.  Looking for  families who will take good care of sasha .


Sasha Sasha2

Daisy up for Adoption (pune) [ adopted ]

We are Happy to Announce Daisy has found a home :) yay!!

This is our nine months old female labrador retriever. She loves to get pampered and loves you back unconditionally. She is the perfect definition of a foodoholic as she loves to eat anything and everything. She loves to play fetch and tag but can also play by herself for hours together. She loves to be amongst people.

She was born on 23rd of march 2012 and has 6 more litter-mates. All her vaccinations and shots have been administered along with booster shots. She has been trained to follow basic commands. Her diet is a combination of homecooked food and dog food. Homecooked meals consist of rice cooked with some green veggies or chunks of meat or chicken mixed with diluted buttermilk and 1-2 boiled  eggs daily. She once in a while likes to chomp on raw veggies and fruits and goes crazy over buttermilk. No particular allergies other than that she is lactic so no direct milk and wheat products.

We are looking for a family who can take her in as a part of the family and give her their love and care. She is a joy to have around and can definitely turn a gloomy moment into fun and laughter.



Fawn up for adoption (lab) – Pune [adopted]

We are Happy to Announce Fawn has been adopted thanks for all your response and support :) yay!!

I bought a labrador puppy, fawn color, 38 days old on 10th Jan. However, due to some sudden change in plans, I have to travel abroad very soon.
Hence, want to put the puppy for adoption to genuine dog lovers. Please find the attached picture of the same.
I am located in Pune.



2 Female Bulldogs up for Adoption (bangalore) (ADOPTED)

UPDATE: Adopted YAY :)

Two bulldog adult female dogs for adoption looking for 1 house for both of them
we stay in karnataka,bangalore,hsr layuot



Zohaan up for adoption (ADOPTED)

We are happy to announce Zohan has been Adopted Yay :)

2-3 month old smart Zohaan is up for adoption.
His sibling was crushed by a car near our apt & since then he was alone and taken care by few kids in our apt and the kids are now on vacation and y’day he came in searching for his friends and got nearly hit by a car!! Hence, I got him home.

Our highly possessive 3 year old Cindy (lady lab) is not happy with the new guest and barking him down..she is extremely upset with this new guy, hence we won’t be able to keep him for long!!

Please can help us find him a permanent home. He is a cute and energetic chap. He is vaccinated & De-wormed,